Feeling okey!

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Today I am feeling okey which feels great to be honest! Love it!


angels talking

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Ever since I was just a kid I have been reciving messages from the other side through dreams, thoughts, feelings and sometimes through signs. But as off lately I have been hearing a lot of high pitched and powerfull voices whisper into my ear/spiritual ear. At first I thought I must have been sick and got some kind of schizofrenia or something, maybe I was going crazy. But as soon as I thought so I recived a feeling telling me to calm down and to not be afraid. Signs have shown me that it is really the angels talking to me, I am sure of it. Mostly they speak to me through signs, tarot/oracle cards, feelings or dreams but sometimes they send messages through pure voices or they just download the information into my head (I hear a really loud peeping voice… and sometime it hurts like h*ll).

Lately things have happened which makes me believe in the angels and mother mary even more.  

Missing the sunlight!

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I am missing the Sun very much!


Archangel Series: Archangel Raphael

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Really intressting ❤️

The card for the weekend

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Image Oh my… oh my… the ace of sword means that I will be learning something or some new ideas in the near future, It could also mean that I will be learning something new in the weekend cause I drew it as a card for this weekend. To be honest I do look forward for this card to happen and what it will learn me. 

A friend of mine also told me that it could mean that I am moving from mental unclarity and uncertainty to mental clarity and certainty. I do think she is right. Because of the work I have come to realize that I am more powerful and stronger then I thought before. I have also come to realize that I am doing something good and that I am needed. This job have learned me a lot. I do feel that I got a better self confidence. Which for me means a lot!


I am so sorry

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I am so so sorry for not writing in a couple of days. I do hope that everything is okey with you. 

As off lately I have been working A LOT and I mean A LOT.  I work as a cleaning lady. I know that it may seem like a low status job but to be honest I do not care. I love it cause I happen to know that it is needed. 

For example if it where not for me and my colleges the students laundry room would be completely unusable and full of germs, bacterias and dust. So I know that I am needed. 

So not to brag I have been doing a great job and to be honest I need to hear that from myself. 


So how have your week been? what has happened? has something good or bad happened?


Good morning everyone!

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Good morning everyone!

Hope u have a Nice day ❤️