Mixed feelings

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ImageLet me just say this first from here on I will be writing mostly in English since I have come learn that some of my readers do not understand Swedish… so here we go…. 

Oh my gods such emotional days I have had the last couple of days. Let me tell you this, I hate PMS…. I HATE PMS since I tend to be VERY EMOTIONAL…. my mood change every second and to be honest it scares the h*ll out of me. 

So last night I sat down, sighed and asked the universe to help me with this, Immediately the virgin Mary showed up in the meditation, looked at me with her loving eyes, laid a deep blue coat around me and whispered “Take it easy, just breath”…. immediately without thinking I started to question what she told me and she just kept telling me “Take it easy, everything is just fine”. Just after that all my emotions just went down A LOT and I started to recive pictures telling me to drink enough water, go to bed earlier in the night and start to listen to my body. These feelings of panic and remorse where not dangerous. Maria just told me that everything is fine and I was not going to die in a long time.

She is just so lovely. She let me be afraid, sad and angry and just took the feelings away from me at the same time as she told me that I did not need to be afraid of them. 

You may think that you should not work with Virgin Mary when you are witch. It may be so traditionally but to be honest I do not care about that cause for me she is very important and living. 


This card is taken just a couple of days ago at the local chapel I tend to visit from time to time just to have some quiet time. Immediately when i entered the room I felt that I was not alone in there, So I took up the phone and just took a picture of the altar to post to Facebook. You can guess what happened when i saw the picture. The jaw dropped down to the floor and I started to shake. So to be sure I asked who was there with me and almost at that second I felt very calm and loved. Afterwards when looking at the picture I realized that I was seeing virgin Mary standing like a madonna statue inside the orb. So according to me and my intuitive feelings this is Virgin Mary. 


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