angels talking

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Ever since I was just a kid I have been reciving messages from the other side through dreams, thoughts, feelings and sometimes through signs. But as off lately I have been hearing a lot of high pitched and powerfull voices whisper into my ear/spiritual ear. At first I thought I must have been sick and got some kind of schizofrenia or something, maybe I was going crazy. But as soon as I thought so I recived a feeling telling me to calm down and to not be afraid. Signs have shown me that it is really the angels talking to me, I am sure of it. Mostly they speak to me through signs, tarot/oracle cards, feelings or dreams but sometimes they send messages through pure voices or they just download the information into my head (I hear a really loud peeping voice… and sometime it hurts like h*ll).

Lately things have happened which makes me believe in the angels and mother mary even more.  


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