About Ayanna

 Hey everone.

I am an non tradition free minded witch who comes from southern sweden.

I used to call my a wiccan but now I only call me a free minded witch since I tend to work with all kinds of gods and goddesses. The most important goddesses for me right now is Gaia (mother earth), Virgin Mary, Sif,  Aya and Freya. The most important god for me right now is Thor. I also work with the nature spirits (especially those from the plant kingdom) and crystal spirits. For me these are friends which we tend to ignore and just run over when we instead could just stay, listen and enjoy their company. For me mother nature is a very living, loving mother. She keeps soothing me when I am down or feeling lonely.



I live with two cats, Rocky and Skrållan, and a fiancé. Both  of my cats  are really spiritual cats but unfortuneatly Rocky just tends to ignore the energies who are around him. He just looks at them, make some funny noice sometimes and then just ignore them. But Skrållan on the other hand, she is a real witch cat. She looks at the energies, seems to talk to them on some way and then lay dowm. But the most lovely thing about her is that she gives me healing and follows me in my rituals. When I go into the witchroom I have, she follows me and stays there until I leave the room after the ritual. We have tried to shut the door and leave her outside but she just goes mad, screams and scratch the door. I really love that cat, she is my healing little angel.

My other interessts are; Books, myths and religions, Tarot, angelology, healing, healthy living, herbs, movies and tv series (I AM A BIG SUPERNATURAL FAN!!!)


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